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Choosing Great Wine Isn't Magic

One of the biggest fears among wine drinkers is ordering the wrong wine. Whether at a client dinner or a wine shop, the wide range of choices can create more than a little anxiety. So here's a simple solution: drink like a pro.

I frequently browse the wine lists of America's top restaurants and generally always seem to find the same great wine producers on them. These wine lists –which are considered some of the world's best – tell me what other industry pros are serving to their guests and friends night after night. Hence, here at Vinified, we're literally bringing America's best wine lists to you. Many of the wineries that we work with, focus specifically on a particular discipline: creating remarkable wines. 

If you're not sure what to order, let us do the picking. Send us your budget and quantity, we'll do the rest! We might suggest some "bin-end" wines or a few of our "off-the-menu" selections too.

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