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Timeless Look, Timeless Values: Rudd Oakville Estate

Respect, preserve, improve. These are some of the core values that are deeply rooted in Leslie Rudd's influential investments in Napa Valley over the decades. His restoration of 19 properties from Edge Hill Winery to Oakville Grocery and conservation of their organically farmed estate vineyards and farmland, had carved out a bright future for Napa Valley.

The Rudd family with founders Leslie and Susan Rudd, along with their daughter, Samantha Rudd. (Photo: Rudd Oakville Estate)

Rudd Winery is one of the most popular premium and luxury estates. Owner Leslie Rudd is well known for his active and flourishing business participations but out of all those business areas, Rudd Winery is the one he is most passionate about. His care for these vineyards can be recognised from the well maintained and perfectly manicured vines. Everything is well organized and the harvest is so tightly packed that even a vertical type trellising system is needed.

Rudd's vineyards (Photo: Rudd Oakville Estate) 

Rudd Oakville Estate stands out as an exceptional place with unmatched terrior – uniquely situated within Napa Valley with a geologic backbone of volcanic rock weathered into core stone bedrock and alluvial sediments creating iron-rich, well-drained soil ideal for growing grapes. 

It is the belief "the greater the terrior, the greater the balance in the fruit, and the less human intervention required for exception wines" that led to Rudd's world-class wines that are subtle, complex, textured and divinely balanced.

The timeless look of the Rudd Oakville Estate (Photo: California Design)

"We are winegrowers, not winemakers", says Rudd, "truly great wines are a result of place, season and know-how. They are said to reflect their birthplace and are fundamentally an agricultural endeavour – our most impactful decisions are driven by and often made in the field. For that reason, we consider ourselves winegrowers rather than winemakers and see our wines as the product of both our site and our expertise."

Rudd's wine cave (Photo: California Design)

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Article credits: California Home Design and Rudd Wines.

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